Footprint: Monitor My Daily Routine

My hear is always in the work (CMU motto), but my body needs to go home...

A Fact About CMU Students (Myself included)

How late do CMU students stay on campus? What is the average sleep time?

Earlier this year, I was helping Professor David Creswell from psychology department clean and visualize student data on lifestyle. They collected sleep data from 170 CMU first-year students across the spring semester 2017. The data showed that more than half of the students had at least stayed on campus until midnight for a few times, which is pretty common among my cohort too. But this is not the most impressive result. The data also showed that CMU students went to bed around 1:30 am on average and got up around 9:00 am - Perfectly 7.5 hours of sleep in a not-so-healthy way. And I realized I’ve been a typical example.


As we all know, life at CMU is hectic and full of hard work. Most of our time is either at home or campus. Also, a lot of people stay late and leave the campus at midnight, which is very unhealthy. We all want to change our lifestyle to a healthy pattern. However, we may not be aware of our daily life and find excuses for ourselves as "It will be the last time I go home this late." or "I will go out and relax a little bit this weekend." In most cases, it is no more than a placebo. So, in this project byte, I want to collect my location data for the whole month and monitor my daily activities. I hope to know my "footprints" in Pittsburgh regarding sequential geometry information, accumulated data, and data segments by the period during the day.

The Footprint project is one of my ideas to monitor my lifestyle through phone sensors. I collected data like GPS, screen status, and motion, and analyse these data regularly to raise awareness of my unhealthy lifestyle. I will share some of my GPS data with you in the following section.


The first map shows the places I have been during the first month in spring. It is obvious that I have spent most of my time at home or campus. One exception is Feb. 4th. I went to spring sevens and spent a nice day snowboarding there. (zoom out to view the whole dataset)


The following map shows my location data in different time segments during the day, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm/ 0:00 am. If you choice the period from 10 pm to 12 pm, you will find that about 1/3 of the days that I was at the campus. It is not that worse, actually, probably better than your data? Still, the story would be different if we take samples from U Pitts as a reference.....LOL.


The following map is a heat map that shows my accumulated location data. I cleaned out the snowboarding day to make this dataset more representative. The places I spend most of my time were my home, Gates, NSH, FMS building, and the bus stop. I assume that there would be a big red spot for the gym. However, I spent quite a lot time to find it ..... click the white circle to view!


Here is the real-time monitor of my location. There maybe some delay since I might not be able to sync my data to google cloud without wifi. If you find me stay at campus at midnight, it would be nice to send me a message and push me go home....